Sunday Dumb Day’s 1 Year Anniversary!


I am very pleased to announce that Sunday Dumb Day has just reached it’s One Year Anniversary! It has been a long, arduous and exciting journey of watching, talking about and reviewing movies. Thank you to everyone that made this website what it is today!

The idea for Sunday Dumb Day originated with my Brother, Blake. I was discussing with him different ideas about doing something creative that could be mine. He suggested that since he and I love to watch and discuss movies that I create a Movie Review site. He gave me his thoughts on how the basic layout should look and how often I should update it and I said it was a wonderful idea.

The naming of Sunday Dumb Day came from a day that wasn’t actually planned but more of a “the next morning-after a night of fun-let’s watch movies-and be dumb” kind of day. All of our friends called it “Sunday Dumb Day”. A very close friend of mine, also named Blake, created the actual name for the day. I went through dozens of names before I chose this particular one. I’m glad I did.

I try to see movies when they come out but time and money are a huge factor. I lost my day job in August and it has been very difficult to find a new job so, with limited resources and funds the amount of time and money I can invest in movie watching has decreased significantly. But, when I have some spare time and a little extra pocket change I am sure to be out there among all you movie watchers.

I do my best to be as Objective when watching movies and try not to be overly critical. I am not a powerhouse reviewer and I care about what my family, friends and followers think, so I don’t want to lose that.

Starting in my 2nd year of reviewing I will not be adjusting the way I write my reviews or how I score them but I may alter the format slowly throughout the year. The only way to get better is to try new things. I will be getting up to speed pretty soon on new movies coming out and hope you will join me in another wonderful year in Cinema!



  • Tom says:

    Hey man, congrats on the anni!! It’s always nice to see people reaching milestones with their work. I’ve seen so many solid sites closing up shop or going on hiatus, so it’s really an accomplishment.

    Sry i’ve been an absentee reader as of late, but I’m making up for it now. (I hope.) Here’s to many more! :D

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