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Ready for the adventure of a Lifetime? No? How about just the adventure that you’ll talk about for a really, really, really long time? I’m sure you’d settle for that. The Lego Movie is one of the most adventurous movies I have ever seen! You need to watch it!

Movie Title: The Lego Movie

US Release Date: February 7, 2014

Run time: 1 Hour 40 Minutes

Rating: PG

Average Film Score: 9.31

The LegoMovie 5

So I kept hearing how amazing The Lego Movie was from everyone! I mean all different age groups from 10 years old to about 45! I thought, “I used to play with Legos and they allowed me to build my imagination!” So why not see it? I asked my Girlfriend if she wanted to go and immediately she said YES! We went to an early afternoon showing to get the most value out the ticket price and as soon as the lights dimmed and the movie started I noticed that I started to shrink and my hands looked smaller. I was turning back into a kid again after only a few minutes of the movie starting! I realized though that being a kid in a movie theater holding hands with my Girlfriend (that hadn’t transformed) might get her in trouble so I kept the imagination alive and transformed back to my Adult form.

What’s it about? So there’s this evil Lego character named President Business and he’s after something called the “Kragle” and he’ll stop at nothing to get it! The wizard Vitruvius (played hilariously by Morgan Freeman) does his best to protect it but fails and the Kragle is taken by the Dark Corporate leader. There’s a prophecy that speaks of someone called “The Special” and that one day this person will find something called the “Piece of Resistance” and that it will silence the Kragle. We then follow this normal and almost unknown character named Emmet (played by Chris Pratt) as he goes about his hum drum day until he stumbles upon the Piece of Resistance! Well, from here it gets completely wild. We’re introduced to pretty much every Lego character you’ve ever known, including Han Solo!! I have to cut it off there or I’ll give away the whole movie. Sorry, I’ve just pumped myself up again! I need to see this movie again! I will say that the movie has so many cool quotes and awesome scenes that you will remember the movie for quite a while!

What I liked! The animation was amazing and the fact that they used 3,863,484 Lego Pieces was unreal! The dialogue was quick and witty, the story line was well conceived (even if it was a bit campy, I like campy though) and it makes you remember the wonderful feeling of being a kid and the imagination you had back then! So many quotable lines! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! (You’ll get that later)

What didn’t I like? There were a couple of continuity issues but all together I didn’t really have any major concerns. You may feel like you have found some problems with the movie but everything starts to make sense in the end.

What’s the Bottom Line? A fun and adventurous movie that is appropriate for all ages! I will watch this movie over and over and over again! Go rent it and you will love it!

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Top 3 Lines in the film:

Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman): He’s coming, cover your butts.”

Batman (Will Arnett): I only work in black. And sometimes, very, very dark gray.”

President Business (Will Ferrell): Hi, I’m President Business, president of the Octan corporation and the world. Let’s take extra care to follow the instructions or you’ll be put to sleep, and don’t forget Taco Tuesday’s coming next week.”


  •       Directing: 9.5
  •       Set Direction: 9.5
  •       Costume Design and/or Direction: 9.5
  •       Music: 9
  •       Lead Actors: 9
  •       Supporting Actors: 8.5
  •       Cinematography: 9.5
  •       Sound: 9
  •       Effects: 9.8
  •       Story: 9.8

Average Film Score: 9.31


  • Tom says:

    The Lego Movie was awesome, wasn’t it?! I’m psyched to read you love it too. I raved on my page for sure, it was such a great experience and the best part about it that I thought was it’s ability to charm everyone from little kids to the jaded adult, as you noted too. I really thought this could have ended in disaster but what we get instead is a brilliant movie. I want to see it again too

    • Thanks for the comment Tom! Yeah, it was just so freakin cool how they were able to make me feel like a kid and even after I walked out of the theater I was still buzzing about the movie. I’ll get around to your review. I’ve been really busy lately, thanks for reading!

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