Boyhood All


Boyhood takes us through the ages of a young kid to an aging adult all the while his feelings on life are in question. A great movie for anyone that … Would you like to know more? →


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

The post apocalyptic future (for us Humans anyway) set sometime after the events of the first film show that the Simian Flu has wiped out a large percentage of the … Would you like to know more? →

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Jingle All The Way

We all know what the hottest toys are this year and we all know you have already got them for your kids. What’s that? you didn’t pick them up yet? … Would you like to know more? →

Winters Tale Slider

Winter’s Tale

They say that True Love exists only when you truly believe in it. In a Winter’s Tale Colin Farrell plays a thief that falls in love with a millionaire’s daughter … Would you like to know more? →

Snowpiercer TRAIN


The end of the world has come and gone and the remaining humans are on an express train to…hmm maybe somewhere. There are two classes remaining and one occupies the … Would you like to know more? →

Interstellar Blackhole


Are you ready for a mind numbing experience that will twist you, rip you and utterly destroy all thoughts you had about fourth dimensional & spatial parameters? Christopher Nolan takes … Would you like to know more? →

Dracula Untold Vlad the Impaler

Dracula Untold

Lord Dracula has had many variations of tales told about him over the years and the most notable would be Bram Stoker’s Dracula. But Dracula Untold is a very well … Would you like to know more? →

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Remember the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from back in the day? Well, they’re back! But this time in CG with some Michael Bay explosions! The special effects are updated as … Would you like to know more? →


Guardians of the Galaxy

Ever heard of Star-Lord? No? You mean you’ve never heard the tale of the greatest space warrior of our time? Well, he isn’t exactly Han Solo or Lonestar but he’ll … Would you like to know more? →